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  • An exclusive interview with Wang Lihong, David Tao, Yu-yong

    How to become a drummer? 

    I began to learn the piano at the age of eight, and then I began to learn the trumpet. At that time, MTV was very popular, it played the latest music. But I found that the piano was rarely seen on TV, whereas guitars, bass and drums were common, so I decided to learn a rock instrument. 

    In this way, I bought a second-hand drum from my neighbor's hand and started practicing in the garage. As a result, I was determined to begin my formal study of music and move from New York to Florida, where I began studying at the University of Miami. 

    Do you practice every day? Are there any plans for practice? 

    Yes, I practice every day. This is entirely out of my love of music, I want to work with a lot of good musicians, want to be part of the music. I practice every day since I started playing drums, and almost 8 hours a day after I go to college, because there are so many things I need to learn. From jazz to rock to classical, including how to play in the studio, how to become a qualified studio musician, which I need to practice. To this day, I still practice every day.