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  • The good drum shop refuses to sell the fake, everybody has t

    In recent years, many excellent domestic percussion music brands began to be gradually accepted by the majority of drummer consumers, some have even entered the international market has been welcomed by musicians around the world. However, there are still a lot of shoddy products mixed among them, some even openly open the sale of fake high series cymbals to substandard, hoodwinking consumers. 

    Recently, we received feedback from drummers, some people sell fake series of cymbals, and involve many brands! 
    As the authoritative platform of the drum media industry, the drummer China has the responsibility to condemn this behavior! Call on drum circles to boycott such unscrupulous manufacturers! 
    As a retail agent, should you refuse to sell fake goods? As a drum teacher, students can not be recommended to use shanzhai drum products! As a true drummer, refuse to use shanzhai! From the self-start, improve the whole industry level of employment!