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  • Keep pace with the times and reform the old and the old

    Keep pace with the times and reform the old and the old. 
    Follow the pace of the times, explore the personality and novel characteristics of the times to join us in the design of jazz drums.Graeme constantly develops and creates new drum types catering to different times trends bringing changes and innovations to modern musicians. 
    Depict meticulously, show originality. 
    Make every jazz drum with your heart. We will strictly check every instrument from designing manufacture completion inspection storage of drums we will have corresponding inspection links ensure each product reaches customers hands showing the most perfect form. Exquisite unique outstanding is always adhering to the principle of Graeme. 
    Pay attention to detail and look at the whole. 
    Carefully complete every detail. Each accessory is an integral part of creating perfect sound effects, where parts, quality, shape will create different feelings for sound effects. Graeme makes careful preparation carefully assembles carefully checks ensures each instrument plays its unique sound effect. 
    With the desire of the upper and lower, the collective strength. 
    The concerted efforts of each employee can ensure the quality of the product; the rational division of labor in each department can improve the production efficiency; the whole enterprise has a common goal and enables the rapid and sustainable development of the enterprise. Company development cannot depend on employee's hard pay, employee's happiness also cannot depend on enterprise progress. Therefore Yang musical instruments pay attention to employees and enterprises common development for employees to benefit for enterprises to add motivation.