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    Kamelot (Wright) as a professional drum production research brand through intensive exchanges with American drummer constantly studies learn from each other learn from American rock music match Chinese drum style design and manufacture; Thus innovation evolved into a middle-end drum. Kamelot (Wright) not only possesses exquisite fashion design but also displays the workmanship of wood materials including selection of wood drum forming chamfering polishing etc. Kamelot became one of Chinas drum brands, regardless of its elegant appearance, full mellow tone, or because it was an epoch-making note, but brought us music pomp, Has shown its charm successfully and deserves your own possession.



  • How to become a drummer? I began to learn the piano at the age of eight, and then I began to learn the trumpet. At that time, MTV was very popular, it played the latest music. But I found that the piano was rarely seen on TV, whereas guitar...
  • What is the perfect combination of sound and picture made with drum animation? To the drummer, the meaning of a set of drums is definitely far more than the ordinary name of musical instrument. It is not only the instrument used to express...
  • In recent years, many excellent domestic percussion music brands began to be gradually accepted by the majority of drummer consumers, some have even entered the international market has been welcomed by musicians around the world. However,...
  • Keep pace with the times and reform the old and the old. Follow the pace of the times, explore the personality and novel characteristics of the times to join us in the design of jazz drums. Graeme constantly develops and creates new drum ty...